All medical labs share a few common goals and requirements. They all need accuracy and efficiency, in order to maintain the throughput demands of their users and clients. They need to maximize every aspect of the process to achieve results that compete with industry standards. And yet, there are enough variables that give each lab its own particular details that must be considered, in order to meet its goals. Process automation solutions are the most important component of this mission.

Automation equipment manufacturers will all present their respective products as the correct solution for every lab’s requirements. How will you make informed choices when it comes time for smart, well-reasoned capital expenditure? Let’s consider some factors in this decision-making process.

Selecting the right process automation solutions for your laboratory requirements begins with identifying your expected outcome. You’ll want speed and accuracy, of course. But each automated solution must be designed to accommodate your particular science and space availability.

By envisioning future expectations, as your needs evolve and move forward, solutions can be designed to get the most out of your investment. As all robotic process automation companies know, obsolescence is the enemy of good science. Your automation system must be able to adapt to new demands as it maintains the best throughput results from year to year. Acting as your application support system, our scientists can design and integrate new requirements. Each time your system is reconfigured to incorporate new automation protocols, we maintain the standardization you originally specified.

The Genera 6 system used by Retisoft is an automated scheduling software that improves process workflow and user interface. Genera allows users to integrate and implement whichever instruments and process automation solutions suit individual project needs. It is generally inadvisable to entirely scrap your existing automation systems, but rather to integrate new technology for a slower transition process. With open software architecture, the Genera system is powerful and flexible enough to adapt to instrumentation from any automation equipment manufacturers making it easy to integrate into existing systems. It will also adapt to changing workflows should the parameters of your project evolve over time.

Genera integrates with your Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) in order to streamline and manage the data output from your processes. Implementing the Genera system to your lab prevents resource deadlocks as the automation systems allow for real time decision-based events to be made.

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