If you’re planning to employ automation in your place of business, it’s essential that you know your goals with the automation process. That means you’re going to have to understand the difference between attended and unattended process automation.

Knowing this key distinction will go a long way to helping you choose the right equipment for your goals. If you’re confused about the difference, then this article will help you understand everything you need to know about automation software.

Unattended Process Automation

Unattended process automation refers to the type of automation software that doesn’t require staff to constantly oversee operations. Many of us think of this kind of automation when we think of a truly automated process. These systems will vary based on how long they can remain unattended before they need to be checked on.

A system like this aims to free up staff to perform meaningful tasks elsewhere in your facility. It’s a great way to ensure that you’re getting the maximum value from your staff and your equipment in terms of efficiency. Unattended process automation is an excellent way to give your employees as much flexibility as possible.

Designing a system with automation software that you can walk away from takes an expert hand; there are a multitude of variables to account for to ensure that operations continue to run smoothly for an extended period.

Attended/Throughput Automation

Automation systems are designed with process automation software that requires your staff to monitor the equipment for any issues that may arise during the process. The tradeoff for this is typically superior speed in throughput. This type of process automation software allows you to perform the most work in the shortest amount of time.

The specifications typically don’t need to be quite as stringent when you’re using throughput/attended style automation; you’ll have staff monitoring the equipment, so a bit of leeway is much more acceptable than in a walk-away scenario. Speed is the name of the game when you’re using this type of robotic process automation software, and you’ll be able to achieve a very high level of productivity.

The Key Factor

Suppose you’re going to be successful in implementing either of these styles of robotic process automation software. In that case, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve chosen a company that has the experience and knowledge they’ll need to transform your operation. Here at Retisoft, we have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and we have experience designing both of the automated processes described above.

If you’re interested in automating your laboratory process, then contact us today to learn more and see what other great services and products we offer. At Retisoft, we understand how important your production is, and we’ll ensure that you get exactly what you’re after.

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