In Mid 2004 my Biomedical Engineering group wanted to develop a set of software tools which would help us with the integration of robotic systems for our internal customers. We looked for software portability, a short learning curve, fast integration cycle and automated document generation for our applications. The software had to implement all the current robotic movement algorithms and functionality, and it had to follow Object Oriented Programming rules for code re-usability. We wanted it to be cost effective, easy to maintain and easy to use by a multi-site team of developers. A team of developers reviewed and evaluated state-of-the-art software products and decided to select Retisoft’s Genera software for laboratories to fulfill our requirements. The project led to the architecture of programs organized in hierarchical layers which follow strict object oriented rules. Training and customer service from Retisoft accommodated our needs and efficiently taught the developers how to write complete assays, custom Genera drivers and web-based applications. We managed to integrate our full range of robotic platforms and tools within six months.

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