Retisoft, as an organization, is among some of the most fantastic lab automation companies to work with at all levels. From their lab automation software to their full integration services, they take the proper time to make sure things are done with exceptional quality and care knowing full well that your success is their success. They make it their mission to focus all their energies into doing one thing very well and aren’t caught-up in the trap of creating similarly pervasive technology that exists throughout the life science industry. In that regard, they stand alone. Because of their relatively small size, they can provide unmatched support and resources to help anyone solve their issues with the adoption of automated technology. The openness of Genera Lab automation software provides for exceptional capability to create new functionality for individual needs making for a customized software platform. In choosing to do business with Retisoft we have gain a strategic partner in our growth plan which will serve our needs for years to come.

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