When we started to plan a high throughput screening facility we were very hesitant about choosing a central control software. The software had to control all the automated instruments and schedule the screenings. Our core facility is used by different research groups with broad biological assays. The system flexibility came to be of utmost importance and we did not have enough time to develop the control software in-house. After evaluation of several commercial software packages, we selected Retisoft’s integrated automation platform. The one-week training class at Retisoft taught me how to develop Genera drivers, Supra plug-ins and custom Datapilot web pages. We have built a flexible system which includes a robotic arm, liquid handler, incubator and readers. Our web-based application provides users the freedom to control and monitor the system remotely. The detailed product documentation and friendly technical support made our work easy. We are looking forward to expanding our automated system with the Retisoft platform.

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