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  • 24 January, 2024

Nilza is an accomplished professional with a robust history in the realms of finance and auditing, boasting an extensive career spanning over two decades in diverse leadership capacities. Her academic achievements include a Master’s degree in Financial Management, complemented by a Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Engineering. Proficient in data analysis, budgeting, and strategic financial management, Nilza also possesses exceptional interpersonal skills, alongside an unwavering dedication to continual self-improvement.

Throughout her career, Nilza has excelled in financial management, adeptly leading teams, formulating effective strategies, and ensuring stringent budget adherence. Her expertise extends to roles as a budget specialist and auditor, where she has garnered an in-depth comprehension of accounting principles and meticulous financial oversight. With a proven track record of delivering results and fostering financial compliance, Nilza continues to exemplify excellence and leadership in the field.

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