COVID-19 has caused much of the world to grind to a halt, and laboratories have not been exempt from this. This unprecedented event has meant that many laboratories had to be shut down in a hurry. Now that laboratories are beginning to open again, equipment will likely need to be checked over to ensure they’re in working order. Before reopening your laboratory, be sure to review the following tips, especially if you use automation equipment.

Check Everything

The rushed closure of many laboratories has meant that many pieces of lab automation equipment were not shut down properly. You may find that, upon your return, your lab equipment may simply refuse to turn on. If that’s the case, be sure to contact your lab’s automation engineer and check over your maintenance schedule while you’re at it. It’s more than likely that regular maintenance has not been performed during the lab’s closure.

Recalibrate and Reconfigure

After months of shutdown, your lab automation equipment will likely need to be recalibrated. This will ensure accuracy and reliable data. As you recalibrate, you will likely need to reconfigure your system as well. If you find that you need to replace anything, such as assembly equipment, be sure that you’re testing different configurations as you reestablish the equipment in your lab.

Figure Out What You Need

As you check over your equipment, you’ll likely find that some things are no longer working optimally. Run a diagnostics test, and measure the results against its specifications. Be sure to note any discrepancies you see. You’ll also want to make a note of any pieces of equipment that are damaged or simply no longer work after months of lying dormant.

Update Your Software

Your automation software will likely need an update after so many months have passed. Lab automation equipment relies on updated software in order to efficiently and effectively carry out its task, so checking for possible updates is a must.

If, after doing all these checks, you find that your lab automation equipment is still not working, you will need to consult the original manufacturer.

Consult the Experts

Lab automation equipment can vary wildly. It’s important to use lab automation equipment that is reliable and is created by a team that will continue to support you, even after installing your equipment.

Retisoft offers both hardware and software that will support your lab’s automation needs. Retisoft’s engineers will consult with you to determine the features you will need in your lab automation equipment, according to its application. Their system accessories, such as teach plates and custom robot fingers, will further enhance your system.

Retisoft’s offerings don’t end after your lab equipment has been installed. The service and support team will provide troubleshooting, device repairs, and preventive maintenance as a part of a one-year manufacturing guarantee. If you find any of your equipment experiencing issues after long periods of being shut down, give the service team a call. If your lab is not yet automated, and you’re looking for a complete automated solution for your lab, now is the best time to contact us.

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