When deciding on whether or not to automate your lab, there are several benefits of automation to consider. Although each laboratory differs in its needs, there is a wide variety of process automation solutions available. You might need tips or advice on how to make the decision to automate your lab. If you need a suitable solution, look no further than this list of some of the benefits of automating a lab.

Increased productivity

Automated work processes free your employees to concentrate on other tasks, which means your lab can get more done each day. In addition, robots are able to perform repetitive, monotonous tasks endlessly without slowing down, burning out, or otherwise impacting productivity.

Parallel Processing

Lab automation equipment manufacturers have built in the capacity for parallel processing to their robots. This capability means you can run multiple assays, giving you multiple data sets, which in turn can positively impact any decision-making capabilities.

Robotic System overtime

One of the benefits of automation is the ability to optimize your workflow. For instance, you could set up a robotic system to complete tasks in the late night or very early morning hours so that the results are ready for you when you arrive at work. Additionally, robots can remove some of the stress of increased workloads by working around the clock, 7 days a week.

Performance data

Robotic process automation companies know the importance of data, which is why they offer data capture services. By interpreting this data, labs are able to make decisions to improve processes and workflow.


Automating lab processes has the added benefit of removing the possibility of human error. For critical testing and experimentation, this means you can trust the quality of your data since all results will be free from human error. The other advantage is that the programmable nature of lab equipment, combined with the ability to exactly replicate repetitive tasks, means you will have reliable, high-quality data and results.

Automated queues

Automation gives you the ability to stage experiments and procedures in queues that can reduce downtime between experiments. This will speed up your workflow and streamline your processes for optimal efficiency in the lab.

Resource optimization

There are several ways that automation can optimize your resources. Immediately after automation, there will be a reduction of human error since these processes are now automated. Additionally, through efficiencies found by automating, you will be able to use every resource in the system more effectible as processes become optimized. Additionally, optimized space can be created by examining how each piece of equipment fits into your system.

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