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The automation scheduling software industry has evolved to allow decision-based events to happen in real time while avoiding resource deadlocks. Older generations of industry lab scheduling software still had a lot of static scheduling components or were plagued by deadlocks when responding to complex resourcing demands. Retisoft’s Genera is a true dynamic automation scheduling software. Decision nodes allow the user to dynamically adjust the workflow and a state-of-the-art look ahead feature prevents deadlocks. The process estimation feature allows you to simulate throughput so that you can make the best use of your integrated system. Genera is a flexible automation scheduling software that meets your needs today and can also change to accommodate future needs. It is a robust lab scheduling software package which is key to keeping your workstation running smoothly....

Building upon the success of previous versions, Genera 6, the latest version of our automated scheduling software was released in 2019. Retisoft clients provided valuable feedback regarding what they require in an automation scheduling software package in order to remain cutting edge. Therefore, the user interface was completely redesigned. It is easier than ever for users to interact with their automated system. Users can visualize the instrument layout via the updated workspace. Process workflows are easy to create using the drag-and-drop interface and the workflow editor was updated to make it easier to view and create complicated workflows. Genera is a device agnostic automation scheduling software which gives users the freedom to integrate the instruments that best fit the science.
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Automation Software

Genera is a powerful and flexible lab scheduling software for automating your laboratory processes. With Genera, you can integrate from a wide range of instrument vendors. You can competitively select the best-of-breed equipment to meet your unique lab automation requirements.


Data Management

Genera can integrate with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to manage the data generated by the automated processes. Genera's programming capabilities can streamline the data output to the LIMS or any other database.


Flexible Design

Genera is designed to control laboratory hardware from any vendor. Its open software architecture allows easy customization to fine-tune the workflow and take full advantage of the lab equipment.

Explore Key Features

Monitor the state of the system virtually through the workspace in Genera. Visually track the positions of all labware and the state of the automated system.

Generic Teach Pendant

Used for teaching of any robotic arm, through a graphical interface that allows the user to teach any required position in the system.

Extensive Driver Library

Select instruments from the driver library, or request a new driver.

Real-time Gantt Chart

Monitor the progress of a process with a Gantt chart that updates continuously.

Deadlock Prevention

Prevent deadlocks from occuring by looking ahead in the workflow.

Run-time Decision Making

Make decisions during the run of a process and adjust the workflow path based on dynamic conditions.

Scripting Language

Customize and fine-tune the system with the built-in scripting language and editor.

Flexible Error Handling

Handle and recover from errors in the middle of a run. Retry the step or continue to the next step once the error is resolved.

Parallel Execution

Execute multiple processes simultaneously. Schedule a process to run while other processes are already running.

Instrument Pooling

Group instruments together into a common zone and use any instrument in the zone to perform the task.

Process Estimation

Simulate a full process run to test the timings and throughput.

User Management

Enables the admin to control user access to Genera software

Genera will transform your automation experience
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