Retisoft Hub

Learn Our Software at Your Own Pace

Genera software trainings led by Software Automation experts. Learn on demand and save time. It's the smart way to learn.

What is Retisoft Hub?

Retisoft Hub is a free online learning platform designed to help our customers master our software, Genera. You can watch training videos, test your knowledge, and train your organization.


Learn On Demand

Our training are pre-recorded tutorial videos that allow you to have the flexibility to learn at your own pace, save time and build your skills, or jump around to topics that interest you.

Train your team

Invite team members, train new staff members, see their progress, and monitor completed trainings.

Community Support

Get the additional support you need by other Genera users. Ask or search up any questions that may have already been asked and find solutions quicker.

Access to our Integrator Program

Join our Retisoft Genera Integrator Program to become a registered integrator of Genera software and forge a partnership with a team that has strong ties in the life science integration industry and is committed to your success.

Genera Upgrades

Be the first to learn about Genera's new features, license upgrades and new innovations.

How Retisoft Hub works?

Create an Account

As an existing customer of Retisoft, you automatically have access to our training platform using your company email.

Start your Training

All Trainings are free. Trainings in Retisoft Hub are designed to build off of each other as you follow the recommended path. You can also jump around if you'd like to skip ahead on anything.

Track Your Progress

Don't worry about where you left off. Here you can track your progress throughout the trainings right on your own personal dashboard.

Get Your Recognition

Once you've completed all the trainings for a Genera Version, you will earn a recognition of completion.

What Retisoft Hub offers

Video Training

Learn the basic ins and outs of Genera through our guided trainings.


Get access to our user manual and documents that can support your learning journey.

Demo Software

On the spot, put into practice what you learn using our testing software license.


Be a part of the Retisoft community by joining a forum where you can ask questions to other Genera users.

Have any questions?

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