In scientific testing, abrupt events can thwart planning in a research and development lab. You may have closely plotted your endeavor, but things beyond your control can still go wrong. With lab automation services, these annoyances can be greatly reduced.

While some events may be out of your control, others are not. Problems such as expired reagents, not having enough supplies, or being out of stock of certain materials are the most common causes of delays and waste in the laboratory industry. And there is a cost to not operating your lab with care. Almost 85% of labs use paper or Excel to manage these stock issues, and 25% of technicians’ time is spent managing these supply issues, taking your team away from their research.

Improper storage and poor documentation can lead to expired reagents. Many labs report throwing away up to 5% of their stock. Lab technicians need a better system of managing their inventory of chemical and key reagents, otherwise, experiments will fail. Evaluating expiry dates before adding materials to a study is very important.

A good laboratory working with robotics process and automation companies in the U.S.A. can help save money while avoiding mistakes, wasted resources, and having a positive impact on environmental factors.

The Implementation of an Inventory Management System

An inventory management system makes sure lab workers understand what supplies are available and in date. Laboratory automation solutions software adds to major savings in a lot of labs today. Some of the benefits include:

  •  Keeping schedules on track with lab automation solutions so you can set the machines to work even when your technicians or scientists aren’t there.
  • Up-to-date, correct inventory, including location, source, expiry dates, biological properties, and SDS.
  • One-button reorder that also allows you to track the status.
  • Compliance with regulations so you can avoid fines.
  • Equipment maintenance with alerts and manufacturers’ suggested settings.

Reducing Waste and Spoilage

You can also enhance the overall safety of your employees by reducing waste and spoilage via:

  • Substituting less-hazardous materials during experiments or using older chemicals before their expiration.
  •  Using good project management and overall lab practices, such as creating a master mix to reduce supplies used.
  • Avoiding accepting of donations, which could skew your inventory and, if they expire, could add to your waste disposal costs.

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