Resource scheduling via automation software can enhance performance in the laboratory environment where the focus is on the analysis of samples, tissues, and various solutions. Process automation software can also benefit laboratories that focus on medical or scientific research, animal testing, agriculture, and production processes (such as CRO, CMO, and CDMO).

Although each of these industries varies substantially, the common denominator amongst all of these lab environments is the need to meet the demands of customers, businesses, or suppliers. In order to be successful, labs need to complete their tasks in the quickest time possible without compromising the quality of the work, as their business is closely linked to overall revenue and profits. The use of automate scheduling software can enhance efficiency in the lab to help companies meet their goals and demands, and maximize income.

Lab managers are always looking for improved and more sophisticated methods of analyzing results and reporting them to the relevant individuals. By implementing process automation software, iterative tasks can be completed efficiently and with high accuracy, allowing workers to focus their time and efforts elsewhere in the lab. Analytical results and data can, therefore, be interpreted and relayed to customers and clients quickly.

Resource scheduling via automated scheduling software can help the lab maintain a strong and positive relationship with their customers and clients. When work is completed to a high standard within the given timeframe, customer satisfaction is high and they are likely to become returning clients.

Customer requests are often unique and requests are never standardized. This adds an extra layer of complexity to lab processes, and may make it harder for labs to meet the demands of their contract. Whether the new contract differs in time constraints, technical complexity, or a combination of both, laboratory managers must assess how to adjust the workload to meet the contractual obligations each time.

Luckily, lab scheduling software enables efficient lab processing, reporting, and resource allocation to determine the overall performance of the lab relative to the proposed contract or customer and client requests. By boosting the efficiency of the workload within the lab, even the most complex contracts can be withheld.

Retisoft’s Flex Collaborative Robot is the world’s first four-axis SCARA robot that is collaborative and automated. It is the solution to all lab scheduling software problems and makes laboratory-based tasks easier to complete. The flexible robotic arm is easy to set up, efficient, and reliable. It has a precision of 0.2mm, can reach 500mm/second speeds, and acceleration rates of 0.2G with a 500g payload. The customized gripper fingers, barcode scanner, and aluminum teach plate add-ons maximize the automation processes.

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