Laboratories often struggle with the tedious and repetitive nature of scheduling tasks. Managing various instruments, ensuring optimal usage, and avoiding conflicts can be daunting challenges. This is where Retisoft’s Genera comes into play. Genera is automation software designed to streamline and optimize scheduling tasks in modern labs. Keep reading to discover how Genera revolutionizes lab scheduling and why it is the go-to solution for laboratories worldwide.

The Challenge: Repetitive Scheduling in Labs and Its Impact

Manual scheduling in laboratories presents several challenges:

  • Time-Consuming Process: Manually scheduling tasks takes up a significant amount of time, which could be better spent on critical research activities.
  • Prone to Errors and Delays: Human errors in scheduling can lead to delays and conflicts, disrupting the workflow and potentially setting back research timelines.
  • Difficulty in Optimizing Lab Equipment Usage: Without an automated system, it’s challenging to ensure that lab equipment is used efficiently and effectively, leading to underutilization or overburdening of resources.
  • Need for Constant Monitoring and Adjustments: Manual scheduling requires continuous monitoring and frequent adjustments to address unforeseen issues, consuming valuable time and resources.

The Solution: Genera – Automating Your Lab Workflow

Genera by Retisoft is powerful scheduling automation software specifically designed to address the unique needs of laboratories. It simplifies and automates the scheduling process, ensuring optimal resource use and reducing the likelihood of errors and delays.

How Does Genera Help in Dealing with Repetitive Scheduling Tasks?

Genera offers a range of features that tackle the challenges of repetitive scheduling tasks head-on:

Dynamic Scheduling Capabilities

Genera’s dynamic scheduling capabilities allow for real-time decision-making. The software uses decision nodes and look-ahead features to prevent deadlocks and ensure smooth workflow transitions.

User-Friendly Interface

The latest version of Genera features a completely redesigned user interface. The drag-and-drop workflow editor and updated workspace visualization make it easy for users to create and manage workflows.

Device-Agnostic Design

Genera’s open architecture allows it to integrate seamlessly with various laboratory instruments, regardless of the manufacturer. This flexibility ensures that labs can use the best equipment for their specific needs.

Integration with LIMS

Genera can be integrated with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to manage and streamline data output, ensuring that all automated processes are efficiently documented and analyzed.

Key Features and Benefits of Genera

Genera automatic scheduling software stands out with its extensive array of features designed to enhance lab scheduling automation:

  • Real-time Gantt Chart Monitoring: The real-time Gantt chart provides continuous updates on process progress, allowing for easy tracking and management of tasks.
  • Run-time Decision Making: Genera enables users to make decisions during a process’s run and adjust the workflow path based on dynamic conditions.
  • Built-in Scripting Language for Customization: The software includes a scripting language that allows for extensive customization, enabling users to fine-tune their workflows according to specific requirements.
  • Flexible Error Handling and Parallel Execution: Genera offers robust error handling capabilities, allowing users to recover from errors during a run and retry steps as necessary. Additionally, it supports executing multiple processes simultaneously, optimizing workflow efficiency.
  • Instrument Pooling and Process Estimation: Instruments can be grouped into common zones, and any instrument in the zone can be used to perform a task. Genera also allows for the simulation of full process runs to test timings and throughput, ensuring optimal performance.

Conclusion: Why Choose Retisoft’s Genera?

Genera transforms the way laboratories handle scheduling tasks by automating and optimizing workflows. Its dynamic scheduling capabilities, user-friendly interface, and extensive feature set make it an invaluable tool for any lab looking to improve efficiency and accuracy.

By choosing Genera, laboratories can reduce the time spent on manual scheduling, minimize errors, and ensure that their equipment is used to its fullest potential. To experience the benefits of Genera firsthand, consider booking a demo for personalized insights into how this powerful automation software can enhance your lab’s operations. Contact us to explore more about Genera and how it can revolutionize your lab scheduling.

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