Laboratories regularly use liquid handlers to increase the speed and accuracy of their workflows. For example, liquid handlers can dispense reagents into a plate or microplate, or they can transfer samples from one plate to another. An automated liquid handler takes these operations to a whole new level, allowing labs to streamline their processes and save valuable time and resources. Let’s take a closer look at how an automated liquid handler addresses some of the common pain points in laboratory research.

Time Savings

The most obvious benefit of automating lab operations is that it will save time. With an automated liquid handling system, lab technicians can quickly and accurately dispense reagents without having to manually pipette each sample. This allows researchers to move on to other tasks while the automated system does its job in the background. Additionally, they’ll no longer have to spend time calibrating pipettes or cleaning up after running multiple experiments.

Increased Accuracy

Automated liquid handlers also provide increased accuracy when compared with manual pipetting techniques. This is because manual techniques are prone to errors due to human fatigue and inconsistency between operators. Automated systems are designed for repeatable accuracy, meaning that laboratories don’t have to worry about mistakes that could lead to inaccurate results or wasted experimentation time. This helps ensure that the lab’s data is reliable and reproducible every time.

Better Organization

Finally, an automated liquid handling system can help reduce clutter in a lab by eliminating the need for multiple bottles and plates on your benchtop workspace. Instead, all of the reagents can be stored in one central location, making it easier for researchers to find what they need when they need it. Automated systems also allow labs to store more samples per container than manual methods due to their higher precision capabilities—this means fewer containers cluttering up the workspace!


An automated liquid handler is a valuable tool for any laboratory looking for increased efficiency and accuracy in its workflow processes. These systems can save time by automating tedious tasks such as dispensing reagents into a plate or microplate, as well as transferring samples from one plate to another with greater precision than manual pipetting techniques can offer. Additionally, an automated system will help reduce clutter in the lab by eliminating the need for multiple bottles and plates on your benchtop workspace while still allowing labs to store more samples per container than manual methods do due to its higher precision capability.

When looking for ways to streamline laboratory operations, investing in an automated liquid handler could be just the solution your lab needs! Contact Retisoft today to learn more about our automated liquid handling systems.

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