For laboratory administrators, scheduling labs, whether research or clinical, can be a daunting task. In the past, lab scheduling was a manual process that involved a significant amount of time and energy to keep it up-to-date. Fortunately, automated lab scheduling software has evolved significantly over the years, making it easier than ever for labs to manage their resources and optimize productivity. Let’s take a look at how automated processes scheduling software has changed over time.

The Development of Automated Scheduling Software

In the early days of automated laboratory scheduling software, users could only create static schedules with limited features for managing resources and personnel. As technology advanced and new programming languages became available, developers began adding more features such as automatic notifications and reminders when schedules changed. This allowed laboratories to quickly update their staff on any changes in real-time without having to manually inform everyone involved.

Modern Automation Features

Today’s automated laboratory scheduling software offers an impressive suite of features that make it easier than ever to manage resources and personnel. These features include drag-and-drop functions for quickly creating schedules; customizable views that allow users to customize how they view the schedule; powerful reporting tools; and integration with other systems such as LIMS (lab information management systems), sample tracking and data handling and scoring software. Additionally, some modern automation tools also offer smart algorithms that can suggest optimal staffing plans based on historical data or current trends in the industry or even workflow management.

Turn to Retisoft when Looking to Automate Lab Scheduling

Retisoft is an award-winning lab process scheduling software provider that offers powerful features for automating laboratory resource management. Our Genera 6 software was designed from the ground up to provide users with a comprehensive suite of tools for managing personnel, resources, and tasks. We also offer a variety of customization options, making it easy to tailor our software to your specific needs. Our Genera 6 software is a truly dynamic automation software that’s flexible enough to meet current and future laboratory needs. Genera also integrates with existing LIMS to make for a smooth transition process.


Automated process scheduling software has come a long way since its early days. Today’s systems are robust enough to handle even the most complex laboratory environments while still providing an intuitive interface for administrators and staff alike. By taking advantage of today’s modern automation tools, laboratories can reduce administrative overhead while optimizing staff productivity and ensuring efficient use of resources. Contact us today to learn more about how Retisoft can help your lab automate its scheduling process.

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