With the increased demand for research work, the need for automating processes becomes inevitable. The primary reason revolves around enhancing accuracy, efficiency, productivity, and turnaround time. When complex tasks are left to the devices of automated lab equipment, researchers have more time to allocate to other imperative tasks.

Laboratories still novel to the idea of automated lab equipment need to develop an understanding of the equipment and processes before establishing their existence within the premise of the lab.

Understanding Lab’s Current Status

Before implementing automated lab equipment, it is essential to understand the ramifications of the whole system development and installation process. All must be thoroughly revised and understood, from adopting a flexible robotic arm to integrating automated liquid handlers. You also must ensure that everyone within the team is on the same page before following through with the automated laboratory systems project.

Familiarize With Project Management Tools

Implementing an automated laboratory system is never a hassle-free process. It is crucial to adapt and familiarize yourself with project management tools such as Gantt and RASCI charts to minimize the hassle and ensure that the project complexities are handled easily. These tools would assist throughout the development and deployment of the whole automation project.

Allow Plenty of Time for Training

The installation process of an automated laboratory system is not the end of the project. It is imperative to assist the lab workers in the utilization of equipment such as liquid handlers and flexible robotic arms. Ensuring proper training would enhance the quality of the tasks performed by people working within the premise of the lab. You should designate a certain amount of time to deploy a solid training program with competency assessment for the staff.

Prioritize Change Management

To determine the success of the automated assembly system, you should consider opening channels and discussion forums that prioritize communication with the staff. These channels will help you establish milestones and assist in easing anxiety and staff engagement. This way, your team will feel like they are a part of the project as well. Understanding the concerns of people working within the premise of the lab will help you integrate devices that would prioritize change management.

Hindrances Are Inevitable

No matter how perfectly your automated lab equipment project is developed, obstacles may occur. For such cases, there are two things that you need to ensure. One of which is to try and identify ahead of time all the possible hindrances that could occur. The second is preplanning secondary routes (or have a plan B) in case of any form of failure.

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