Molecular Devices SpectraMax M2e

Molecular Devices SpectraMax M2e
Manufacturer: Molecular Devices
Model: SpectraMax M2e

The SpectraMax M5e Multi-Mode Microplate Reader delivers single-mode reader performance in one multi-mode reader package. The dual monochromator optics allow the widest range of applications to be utilized for bioresearch and drug discovery applications, all without the need to change filters. The SpectraMax M5e Micoplate Reader possesses the five modes preferred by the majority of our users providing the benefit of multiple detection modes in one platform: UV-Visible Absorbance (Abs), Fluorescence Intensity (FI), Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) including CisBio HTRF Certification, Fluorescence Polarization (FP) and Glow Luminescence (Lumi).

Plate Reader Commands

  • Close Document

    void closeDocument()Closes the current document. If the data has not been saved, the document is closed anyway without user warning.
  • Close Drawer

    void closeDrawer()Closes the instrument drawer.
  • Select All

    void selectAll()Selects all the data in the table for copying or exporting.
  • Export As

    void exportAs(string filePath)Exports data in the standard SoftMax Pro format to the specified file.


    • filePathFile path for the exported file.
  • New Plate

    void newPlate()Creates a new plate section within the current experiment.
  • Open Assay

    void openAssay(string filePath)Opens a protocol file.


    • filePathFile path for the protocol file. The file should be in SoftMax Pro Protocols folder if the full file path is not specified. Protocols can also be stored in subdirectories of the Assay folder. SoftMax Pro appends “.ppr” to any file name passed in.
  • Open Document

    void openDocument(string filePath)Opens a a new document (i.e. data file). The file should be in SoftMax Pro application folder unless the full file path is specified.


    • filePathFile path for the document.
  • Read

    void read()Starts reading of the microplate.
  • Return Status

    string returnStatus()Returns the current instrument status. This command can be sent to check whether the instrument is busy or reading or staying idle.


    Current status of the instrument.
  • Set Port

    void setPort(int portNumber)Tells the SoftMax Pro to use the specified serial port.


    • portNumberSerial port number.
  • Set Temperature

    void setTemp(float temperature)Sets the current instrument incubator temperature.


    • temperatureInstrument incubator temperature.
  • Shake On

    void shakeOn()Starts shaking the microplate tray.
  • Shake Off

    void shakeOff()Stops shaking the microplate tray.
  • TrayLock On

    void trayLockOn()Keeps the microplate tray locked inside the instrument after the read.
  • TrayLock Off

    void trayLockOff()Releases the microplate tray lock inside the instrument after the read. The tray also comes out.
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