LGR Gripper

LGR Gripper
Manufacturer: Let's Go Robotics
Model: Gripster

The LGR Gripster features a worm gear drive design to move gripper fingers open and closed while eliminating backlash. It is designed to handle a wide range of gripping applications, including portrait and landscape gripping capabilities. Various plate type settings are easily uploaded into the Gripster by using simple, custom software. The Gripster utilizes computer algorithms to detect whether a plate has been gripped, minimizing unnecessary wires and expensive sensors.

LGR Gripper Commands

  • Home

    void home()Homes the gripper to be ready for operations.
  • Move

    void move(int position)Moves the gripper to the target position.


    • positionSpecified target position.
  • Grip

    void grip()Grips an object.
  • Ungrip

    void ungrip()Releases the object that was gripped.
  • Get Grip Position

    int getGripPos()Retrieves the current grip position setting.


    Grip position setting.
  • Set Grip Position

    void setGripPos(int position)Sets the grip position setting.


    • positionGrip position setting.
  • Get Ungrip Position

    int getUngripPos()Retrieves the current ungrip position setting.


    Ungrip position setting.
  • Set Ungrip Position

    void setUngripPos(int position)Sets the ungrip position setting.


    • positionUngrip position setting.
  • Get Grip Threshold

    int getGripThreshold()Retrieves the current grip threshold setting.


    Grip threshold setting.
  • Set Grip Threshold

    void setGripThreshold(int threshold)Sets the grip threshold setting.


    • thresholdGrip threshold setting.
  • Get Grip Force

    int getGripForce()Retrieves the current grip force.


    Grip force level.
  • Set Grip Force

    void setGripForce(int force)Sets the grip force.


    • forceGrip force level.
  • Get Grip Velocity

    int getGripVelocity()Retrieves the current grip velocity level.


    Grip velocity level.
  • Set Grip Velocity

    void setGripVelocity(int velocity)Sets the grip velocity.


    • velocityGrip velocity level.
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