Keyence BL1300

Keyence BL1300 Series
Manufacturer: Keyence Corporation
Model: BL Series

KEYENCE’s BL-1300 Series (3Hi-Digital) is the first models in this class to use parallel digital processing technology.

Read Control Commands

  • Trigger On

    string triggerOn()Turns the trigger on to start read operation.


    barcode read.
  • Trigger Off

    void triggerOff()Turns the trigger off to terminate read operation.
  • Clear Buffer

    void clearBuffer()Clears the data stored in the transmission buffer.
Setting Commands
  • Switch to Setting Mode

    void switchSettingMode()Enters the setting mode.
  • Save Settings

    void saveSettings()Saves all the settings in EEP-ROM.
  • Quit Setting Mode

    void quitSettingMode()Quits the setting mode.
  • Initialize Settings

    void initializeSettings()Returns to the factory-default settings.
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