K Biosystems wasp

KBiosystems Wasp
Manufacturer: KBiosystems
Model: Wasp

The Wasp unit is an automated heat applied micro plate and tube rack sealer. The unit uses a roll of surface modified aluminium or plastic film approx. 85mm wide and 600m long, the roll is positioned to the rear of the sealing section via a removable stand, using a total inline method the film is pulled through the main unit, cut to between 125mm and 130mm in length and then applied to the plate top surface to create the seal between plate and film.

Plate Sealer Commands

  • Get Actual Temperature

    int getActualTemperature()Gets current sealing temperature.


    Sealing temperature in Celsius.
  • Get Error Message

    int getErrorMessage()Starts sealing the plate.


    Error message code.
  • Get Desired Temperature

    int getDesiredTemperature()Gets desired sealing temperature.


    Sealing temperature in Celsius.
  • Get Sealing Time

    int getSealingTime()Gets sealing time.


    Sealing time in tenth of second.
  • Get Status

    int getStatus()Gets the status of the instrument.


    Instrument status.
  • Seal Plate

    void sealPlate()Starts sealing the plate.
  • Set Desired Temperature

    void setDesiredTemperature(int temperature)Sets desired sealing temperature.


    • temperatureTemperature in Celsius. Minimum: 100 Maximum: 200 Default: 180
  • Set Sealing Time

    void setSealingTime(int time)Sets the sealing time.


    • timeTime in tenth of a second. 25 sets sealing time to 2.5 seconds. Minimum: 0 Maximum: 99 Default: 25
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