K Biosystems K6

KBiosystems K6
Manufacturer: KBiosystems
Model: K6

The K6 instrument is a desktop automated colony picking system. It allows picking from BioAssay trays, 50-150mm culture dishes, omni trays and 6 to 24 well growth plates. It inoculates into 96, 384, 1536 well plates, omni trays and deep-well plates. The K6 picks over 1000 colonies per hour. It comes with standard barcode data tracking.

K6 Picker Commands

  • Start

    void start()Starts the picking run.
  • Cancel

    void cancel()Cancels the picking run.
  • Pause

    void pause()Pauses the picking run.
  • Restart

    void restart()Restarts the picking run after a pause command.
  • Source

    void source()Infroms the K6 that a new source plate is avaliable.
  • Destination

    void destination()Informs the K6 that a new destination plate is avaliable.
  • Get Error Status

    string getErrorStatus()Queries the K6 for the error status.


    Current description of the error status. Error_ Wait for in position: no target position is found. Error_ Wait for input: expected digital input not made. Error_ Wait for home: home datum position not found. Error_ Comms: did not reply from its control comms.
  • Get Status

    string getStatus()Queries the K6 for the status.


    Current status as a binary value. bit 0: local mode, bit 1: error, bit 2: busy, bit 3: ready for new source plate, bit 4: ready for new destination plate, bit 5: paused, bit 6: not used, bit 7: not used.
  • Open Protocol

    void openProtocol(string protocolName)Opens up the appropriate protocol.


    • protocolNameThe name of the protocol that needs to be opened.
  • Set Remote Run

    void setRemoteRun()Sets the system as a remote run, the next command sent after this is the ST command.
  • Get Source Barcode

    string getSourceBarcode()Retrieves the barcode of the source plate.


    Barcode of the source plate, if the barcode is found. If no barcode is found then a blank string.
  • Get Destination Barcode

    string getDestinationBarcode()Retrieves the barcode for the destination plate.


    Barcode of the destination plate, if the barcode is found. If no barcode is found then a blank string.
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