High Res Nanoserve

HighRes NanoServe
Manufacturer: HighRes Biosolutions
Model: NanoServe

NanoServe is a high-density way to deliver plates and tips to your automated systems, handling up to 220 standard microtiter plates in a small footprint. NanoServe is efficient and compact for high-throughput applications. Plates stack one on top of the other in removable stackers, so loading and unloading are easy. The stackers are compatible with MicroServe. NanoServe works with most SBS footprint labware.

NanoServe Commands

  • Home

    void home()Starts up the homing sequence for the device. The home command must be issued at startup prior to any other move command.
  • Load

    void load(int stacker)Places the NanoServe in the load position for the requested stacker.


    • stackerStacker selection. Minimum: 0 Maximum: 13
  • Unload

    void unload(int stacker)Places the NanoServe in the unload position for the requested stacker. If an unload command is executed on an empty stacker, an error will occur.


    • stackerStacker selection. Minimum: 0 Maximum: 13
  • Abort

    void abort()Stops all operations and movement of the device. Causes any in-process operations to immediately report an “ABORTED!” status as a completion message.
  • Spin

    void spin(int stacker)Spins the carousel to the specified stacker.


    • stackerStacker selection. Minimum: 0 Maximum: 13
  • Measure

    int measure()Measures the height of the current stack.


    The height of the current stack in microns.
  • Set Plate Heights

    void setPlateHeights(int plateHeight, int stackHeight)Notifies the NanoServe what size plates are being used for subsequent operations. Load, unload, and barcode reading all need to know what size the plates are in order to operate properly.


    • plateHeightPlate height in microns.
    • stackHeightStack height in microns.
  • Set Plate Thickness

    void setPlateThickness(int plateThickness)Notifies the NanoServe how thick a plate is.


    • plateThicknessPlate thickness in microns.
  • Status

    string status()Provides information about the current state of the device. The status response is one of the commands that provides data to the user on the completion status return.


    Current status of the device.
  • Manual

    void manual()Places the NanoServe in manual mode. Rehoming is required once this command has been issued before the NanoServe can move again.
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