Hidex Sense

Hidex Sense
Manufacturer: Hidex
Model: Sense

The Hidex Sense is a compact application ready high performance multimode microplate reader featuring all common non-radioactive detection modes. The reader includes temperature control, microplate shaking, versatile functionality for kinetic assays and several other features. The comprehensive assay library ensures direct readiness for all labels and applications in your lab, today and in the future.

Reader Commands

  • Open Plate Carrier

    void openPlateCarrier()Opens the instrument plate carrier.
  • Close Plate Carrier

    void closePlateCarrier()Closes the instrument plate carrier.
  • Can Run Assay

    boolean canRunAssay(string templateName)Checks whether a specified assay template can be run on the instrument.


    • templateNameName of the assay template.


    True if the assay can be run, otherwise false.
  • Start Assay

    void startAssay(string templateName)Starts an assay on the instrument.


    • templateNameName of the assay template to be used.
  • Stop Assay

    void stopAssay()Stops a running assay.
  • Get Auto Export Path

    string getAutoExportPath()Gets the current autoexport path.


    The current autoexport path.
  • Set Auto Export Path

    void setAutoExportPath(string exportPath)Sets the autoexport path to be used for autoexport files when running assays.


    • exportPathThe path in which to save the autoexport files.
  • Get State

    string getState()Gets the current instrument state.


    The current instrument state.
  • Get Interface Version

    string getInterfaceVersion()Gets the Hidex Sense software version.


    The Hidex Sense software version formatted as major.minor.build.revision.
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