Grenova Tip Novus Mini

Grenova Mini
Manufacturer: Grenova
Model: TipNovus Mini

The TipNovusMini is an automated pipette tip washer that includes all of the standard TipNovus cleaning and drying technology in a compact 1-rack system. The Mini is ideal because it has a considerable throughput, small footprint, and it is capable of integration with most automated liquid handling robots.

Dryer Commands

  • Open Dryer Door

    void openDryerDoor()Opens the door of the dryer unit.
  • Close Dryer Door

    void closeDryerDoor()Closes the door of the dryer unit.
  • Start Dryer

    void startDryer()Starts the dryer protocol.
  • Abort Dryer

    void abortDryer()Aborts the dryer protocol.
  • Get Dryer Status

    int getDryerStatus()Gets the status of the dryer protocol.


    0: dryer not in operation, 1: 1 minute remaining, 2: 2 minutes remaining.
Washer Commands
  • Open Washer Drawer

    void openWasherDrawer()Opens the drawer of the washer unit.
  • Close Washer Drawer

    void closeWasherDrawer()Closes the drawer of the washer unit.
  • Run Self Clean

    void runSelfClean()Runs the systems self-clean protocol.
  • Get Washer Status

    int getWasherStatus()Gets the current status of the washer unit.


    Current washer status code.
  • Abort Wash

    void abortWash()Aborts the current wash protocol.
  • Check Sensors

    void checkSensors()Checks each sensor.
  • Start Wash Protocol

    void startWashProtocol(int washProtocol)Starts the specified wash protocol.


    • washProtocolWash protocol to run. Minimum: -1 Maximum: 6
  • Prime Washer

    void primeWasher(int reagent)Primes the washer with the specified reagent.


    • reagentWhich reagent to to prime with. Minimum: 0 Maximum: 3
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