Formulatrix Tempest

Formulatrix Tempest
Manufacturer: Formulatrix
Model: Tempest

The Formulatrix Tempest is a non-contact, bulk reagent dispenser based on proprietary modular microfluidic chip technology. It is configurable to simultaneously deliver any volume of up to 12 ingredients through 96 individually controlled channels. The Tempest’s patented microfluidic valve clusters use positive displacement to dispense discrete volumes of liquid to 96-, 384-, or 1536-well plates with non-recoverable dead volumes as low as 50 µL per ingredient. The optional stackers and barcode reader add additional flexibility to the instrument.

Liquid Handler Commands

  • Clear Current Error Message

    void clearCurrentErrorMessage()Clear error message.
  • Clear Dispense List

    void clearDispenseList()Clear current dispense list.
  • Get All Input Stocks

    string getAllInputStocks()Get all current stocks at input.


    Current stocks at input.
  • Get Dispense List Info

    string getDispenseListInfo()Get dispense list info.


    Dispense list information summary.
  • Get Input Stock

    string getInputStock(int number)Get current stock at input number.


    • numberInput number.


    Input stock.
  • Get Plate Loading Location

    string getPlateLoadingLocation()Get plate loading location.


    Stage port location.
  • Get Plate Unloading Location

    string getPlateUnloadingLocation()Get plate unloading location.


    Stage port location.
  • Get Status

    string getStatus()Get current dispenser status.


    Dispense status.
  • Home Stages

    void homeStages()Home the stages.
  • Load Dispense List

    void loadDispenseList(string fileName)Load dispense list from file.


    • fileNameFile name of the dispense list.
  • Move Stage To Plate Loading Location

    void moveStageToPlateLoadingLocation()Move stage arm to plate loading location.
  • Move Stage To Plate Unloading Location

    void moveStageToPlateUnloadingLocation()Move stage arm to plate unloading location.
  • Run

    void run()ExecuteSequence currently loaded dispense list or sequence.
  • Set Input Stock

    void setInputStock(string barcode, string inputName, int inputNumber, string liquidClass, string stockName)Set stock into input.


    • barcodeStock barcode.
    • inputNameDispenser input name.
    • inputNumberDispenser input number.
    • liquidClassStock liquid class type.
    • stockNameInput stock name.
  • Set Plate Loading Location

    void setPlateLoadingLocation(int stagePortLocation)Set plate loading location.


    • stagePortLocationSpecifies the stage port location. Minimum: 1 Maximum: 2 Default: 1
  • Set Plate Unloading Location

    void setPlateUnloadingLocation(int stagePortLocation)Set plate unloading location.


    • stagePortLocationSpecifies the stage port location. Minimum: 1 Maximum: 2 Default: 1
  • Stop

    void stop()Stop current executing dispense list/sequence.
  • Wash All Input

    void washAllInput()Wash all input.
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