Formulatrix Mantis

Formulatrix Mantis
Manufacturer: Formulatrix
Model: Mantis

The Mantis is small liquid handling robot which utilizes a unique pipette input to allow for an incredibly low dead-volume. This single-channel liquid dispenser is robot accessible and can accept SBS plate types.

Liquid Handler Commands

  • Attach

    void attach(int inputNumber)Attach chip to hand.


    • inputNumberInput number.
  • Clear Dispense List

    void clearDispenseList()Clear current dispense list.
  • Detach

    void detach()Detach chip from hand.
  • Get Dispense List Info

    string getDispenseListInfo()Get dispense list info.


    Dispense list information summary.
  • GetStatus

    string getStatus()Get current dispenser status.


    Current dispense status.
  • Home Stages

    void homeStages()Home the stages.
  • Load Dispense List

    void loadDispenseList(string fileName)Load dispense list from file.


    • fileNameFile name of the dispense list.
  • Move Stage To Plate Loading Location

    void moveStageToPlateLoadingLocation()Move stage arm to plate loading location.
  • Move Stage To Plate Unloading Location

    void moveStageToPlateUnloadingLocation()Move stage arm to plate unloading location.
  • Prime

    void prime()Prime current chip in hand.
  • Prime All

    void primeAll()Prime available inputs.
  • Recover

    void recover()Recover current chip in hand.
  • Run

    void run()Execute currently loaded dispense list or sequence.
  • Set Input Stock

    void setInputStock(int inputNumber, string stockName)Set stock into input.


    • inputNumberDispenser input number.
    • stockNameInput stock name.
  • Stop

    void stop()Stop current executing dispense list/sequence.
  • Wash

    void wash()Wash current chip in hand.
  • Wash All

    void washAll()Wash available inputs.
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