Brooks Xpeel

Brooks XPeel
Manufacturer: Brooks
Model: XPeel

The repetitive task of manually removing plate seals can be challenging to say the least, leading to potential issues such as cross contamination, repetitive motion injuries, and plate/seal damage. The XPeel addresses these issues by being able to automatically remove seals from a broad range of plate types, all at a single touch of a button. At the core of this patented process is the seal removal mechanism, or more accurately, a lack thereof. Instead of utilizing a mechanical approach which is prone to malfunction leading to unreliable results, the seals are removed by XTape, a proprietary adhesive medium which results in a more consistent peel.

Plate De-Sealer Commands

  • Get Status

    string status()Retrieve the status of the instrument.


    Status of the instrument.
  • Version

    float version()Retrieve the version number of the instrument.


    Version number of the instrument.
  • Reset

    void reset()Causes the spool to advance a few inches to fresh tape, and the elevator and conveyor axes to return to the home and ready for plate pick up position.
  • Restart

    void restart()Restart the instrument.
  • XPeel

    void xpeel(int a, int b)Runs the XPeel routine.


    • aDetermines the peel location and speed. 1=default-2mm,fast; 2=default-2mm,slow; 3=default,fast; 4=default,slow; 5=default+2mm,fast; 6=default+2mm,slow; 7=default+4mm,fast; 8=default+4mm,slow; 9=custom,custom Minimum: 1 Maximum: 9 Default: 4
    • bDetermines the adhering time in seconds. 1=2.5s, 2=5s, 3=7.5s, 4=10s Minimum: 1 Maximum: 4 Default: 1
  • Move Out

    void moveOut()Moves out the conveyor towards the user 7mm each time the command is called. When the conveyor reaches its full extended position no movement occurs.
  • Move In

    void moveIn()Moves in the conveyor to the default “begin peel” position.
  • Move Down

    void moveDown()Moves down the elevator until it is stopped by a plate or reaches its lower limit.
  • Move Up

    void moveUp()Moves up the elevator approximately 1.5mm each time the command is called until the elevator reaches it full up home position.
  • Move Spool

    void moveSpool()Advances the spool approximately 10mm of tape.
  • Seal Check

    int sealCheck()Brings plate to seal check sensor and brings elevator down to take a single read. Note that this is different from the normal operation where the plate is read along the entire length of the plate.


    04 – seal detected; 00 – no seal present
  • Tape Left

    string tapeLeft()Calculate the amount of tape remaining on the supply spool by comparing the travel of the conveyor to the rotation of both the supply and take-up spools.


    String in the format of tape:SS,TT; where 10*SS is the amount of deseals remaining on the supply roll, and 10*TT is the amount of room on the takeup roll.
  • Seal Threshold Status

    int sealThresholdStatus()Get the current threshold value of a seal detection error measurement.


    Current threshold value.
  • Set Seal High Threshold

    void setSealHighThreshold(int threshold)Set the XPeel to return an error if the seal measurement is higher than the value given.


    • thresholdThreshold value.
  • Set Seal Low Threshold

    void setSealLowThreshold(int threshold)Set the XPeel to return an error if the seal measurement is lower than the value given.


    • thresholdThreshold value.
  • Get Code Description

    string getCodeDescription(int errorCode)Get the description of the error code.


    • errorCodeError code.


    Error code description.
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