BioTek Synergy
Manufacturer: BioTek Instruments
Model: Synergy Series

The Synergy reader for fluorescence, absorbance and luminescence measurements was designed with an emphasis on superior performance in all detection methods. Unlike many multi-detection microplate readers, the Synergy utilizes a unique dual-optics design.

Reader Commands

  • Open Protocol

    void openProtocol(string protocolPath)Opens the specified protocol on the reader.


    • protocolPathFull pathname of the protocol. Default: D:\KC4-3.4\SAMPLES\Nucleic Acid Protocols\260_280Ratio_PowerWaveX.prt
  • Close Protocol

    void closeProtocol()Closes the currently open protocol on the reader.
  • New Plate

    void newPlate()Creates a new plate template for the measurement.
  • Close Plate

    void closePlate()Closes the current plate template.
  • Open Door

    void openDoor()Opens the plate carrier.
  • Close Door

    void closeDoor()Closes the plate carrier.
  • Perform Reading

    void performReading()Starts the microplate reading based on the previously open protocol.
  • Export File

    void exportFile(string filePath)Exports the measurement results into the specified file.


    • filePathFull pathname of the file.
  • Reset Error Info

    void resetErrorInfo()Reset the error on the instrument.
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