BioTek MicroFlo
Manufacturer: MS Technos
Model: Micro Shot 706

MicroFlo Select is the latest development in dispensing technology offering superior microplate dispensing flexibility in one compact instrument. In fact, it’s the first instrument of its kind to offer a wide range of choices in dynamic dispense volumes, microplate types, sample tube sizes and automated dispense height adjustment, along with a full range of cassettes to accommodate dispensing requirements now and into the future. An assortment of available cassettes each incorporate the appropriate tubing, tip properties and accurate dispensing technology to deliver full and reproducible incremental volumes of liquid within its specified volume range, even after numerous autoclave cycles.

Dispenser Commands

  • Help About

    void helpAbout()Display the about dialog box for the instrument.
  • Get Error String

    string getErrorString(int error)Retrieves a message corresponding to the specified error code.


    • errorError code.


    Message corresponding to the specified error code.
  • Get Last Error Code

    int getLastErrorCode()Returns the value of the last error code.


    Value of the last error code.
  • Get Product Name

    string getProductName()Returns the name of the instrument.


    The name of the instrument.
  • Get Product Serial Number

    string getProductSerialNumber()Returns the instruments serial number.


    The products serial number.
  • Get Protocol Status

    int getProtocolStatus()Retrieves the status of the current protocol.


    Returns an integer value corresponding to the protocols current run status.
  • Run Protocol

    void runProtocol()Validates and executes the currently loaded protocol.
  • Resume Protocol

    void resumeProtocol()Resumes the current protocol.
  • Pause Protocol

    void pauseProtocol()Pauses the current protocol.
  • Abort Protocol

    void abortProtocol()Aborts the current protocol.
  • Load Protocol From File

    void loadProtocolFromFile(string pathName)Loads a protocol from file.


    • pathNameThe path and file name of the protocol to be loaded.
  • Load Protocol From Flash

    void loadProtocolFromFlash(string name)Loads a protocol from flash memory.


    • nameThe name of the protocol stored in flash memory.
  • Perform Self Check

    void performSelfCheck()Performs a system test.
  • Test Communications

    void testCommunications()Tests the communication between the PC and the instrument.
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