Analytik Biometra TRobot
Manufacturer: Analytik Jena
Model: Biometra TRobot

The TRobot is designed to fulfill the special requirements for integration in an automized environment. Because space is very limited in robotic stations, the TRobot block has been separated from the external controller / power unit. Thanks to the motorized lid, no manual interaction is necessary.

Biometra TRobot Commands

  • Set Block

    void setBlock(int blockNumber)Sets the specified operating block.


    • blockNumberOperating block number. Minimum: 1 Maximum: 3
  • Block Setup

    void blockSetup()Enters the block setup menu.
  • Get Block Status

    string getBlockStatus()Retrieves the block status as two byte string.


    Block status. Bit 0 – block is running. Bit 1 – controller or cooler error. Bit 2 – pleatau, Bit 3 – ramp, Bit 4 – autostart, Bit 5 – cooling/heating, Bit 6 – lid preheating, Bit 7 – pause, Bit 8 – header lid error, Bit 9 – cooler error.
  • Get Heated Lid Status

    string getHeatedLidStatus()Retrieves the status of the heated lid as two byte string.


    Status of the heated lid. Bit 0 – lid is heated. Bit 1 – lid too hot. Bit 2 – lid too often on, Bit 3 – lid is fast heated, Bit 8 – lid is open, Bit 9 – lid is closed. Bit 10 – HW error 1, Bit 11 – HW error 2, Bit 12 – timeout of engine, Bit 13 – safety switch on.
  • Open

    void open()Opens the lid.
  • Close

    void close()Closes the lid.
  • Start Block

    void startBlock(int directory, int program)Starts the specified program.


    • directoryDirectory number where the program is located. Minimum: 0 Maximum: 9
    • programProgram number. Minimum: 0 Maximum: 99
  • Stop Block

    void stopBlock()Stops the active program.
  • Hold Block

    void holdBlock()Pauses the active program.
  • Continue Block

    void continueBlock()Continues the paused program.
  • Get Block Temperature

    float getBlockTemperature()Retrieves the current block temperature.


    Block temperature.
  • Get Heated Lid Temperature

    float getHeatedLidTemperature()Retrieves the current heated lid temperature.


    Heated lid temperature.
  • Set Block Type

    void setBlockType(int type)Sets the block type.


    • typeBlock type, 0 – for 96 well silver block, 2 – for 384 well aluminum block.
  • Get Block Type

    int getBlockType()Retrieves the block type.


    Block type, 0 – for 96 well silver block, 2 – for 384 well aluminum block.
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