Bio-Rad Laboratories CFX Series

Bio-Rad Laboratories CFX Series
Manufacturer: Bio-Rad
Model: CFX384

The CFX96 optical reaction module converts the C1000 Touch thermal cycler chassis into the powerful and precise CFX96 Touch real-time PCR detection system. This six-channel system combines advanced optical technology with precise thermal control to deliver sensitive, reliable detection. Quickly set up runs and monitor amplification traces in real time on the integrated LCD touch screen. With up to five-target detection, unsurpassed thermal cycler performance, unrivaled stand-alone functionality, and powerful yet easy-to-use software, the CFX96 Touch system is designed to advance your qPCR.

CFX96 Commands

  • Startup

    void startup(boolean simulation)Starts and initializes communication with the CFX manager software.


    • simulationSimulation flag. If set to true, the CFX manager runs in simulation mode.
  • Shutdown All

    void shutdownAll()Shuts down the CFX manager software.
  • Open Lid

    void openLid()Opens the lid on the instrument.
  • Close Lid

    void closeLid()Closes the lid on the instrument.
  • Start Protocol

    void startProtocol(string protocolFile, string plateFile, string outputFile)Starts the specified protocol.


    • protocolFilePathname of the protocol file.
    • plateFilePathname of the plate definition file.
    • outputFilePathname of the output data file.
  • Is Instrument Ready

    boolean isInstrumentReady()Determines if the instrument is ready to accept commands.


    true if the instrument is ready to run a command, false otherwise.
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