Agilent PlateLoc

Agilent PlateLoc
Manufacturer: Agilent
Model: PlateLoc

PlateLoc Thermal Plate Sealer has distinguished itself as the premier thermal sealer through its speed, small footprint, ease of use and dependability. In designing the PlateLoc, Agilent overcame the challenges of sealing a wide range of microplates by developing a versatile instrument that automatically accommodates deepwell, assay, PCR, and compound storage plates. Standalone mode operation enables full control of sealing time and temperature through the PlateLoc touch screen, while a choice of plate stage inserts ensures the best possible seal for any microplate.

PlateLoc Commands

  • About Box

    void aboutBox()Displays the PlateLoc About Box.
  • Get Firmware Version

    string getFirmwareVersion()Retrieves the firmware version of the device.


    Firmware version of the device.
  • Get Version

    string getVersion()Retrieves the PlateLoc ActiveX Control version number.


    PlateLoc ActiveX Control version number.
  • Get Current Temperature

    int getCurrentTemperature()Retrieves the current temperature of the hot plate.


    Current temperature of the hot plate.
  • Get Desired Temperature

    int getDesiredTemperature()Retrieves the current desired sealing temperature.


    Current desired sealing temperature.
  • Set Desired Temperature

    void setDesiredTemperature(int temperature)Sets the temperature (in Celcius) used for sealing.


    • temperatureSpecifies the temperature (in Celcius) used for sealing. Minimum: 20 Maximum: 235 Default: 100
  • Get Sealing Time

    float getSealingTime()Retrieves the current sealing time set in the PlateLoc memory.


    Current sealing time set in the PlateLoc memory.
  • Set Sealing Time

    void setSealingTime(float time)Sets the amount of time that the hot plate contacts the sealing foil.


    • timeSpecifies the sealing time. Minimum: 0.5 Maximum: 12.0 Default: 2.0
  • Start Cycle

    void startCycle()Starts the PlateLoc sealing cycle.
  • Stop Cycle

    void stopCycle()Stops the PlateLoc sealing cycle.
  • Get Last Error

    string getLastError()Returns the last known error condition.


    Last known error condition.
  • Show Diags Dialog

    void showDiagsDialog(int modal, int securityLevel)Shows the graphical diagnostics menu that allows the user to troubleshoot and correct problems.


    • modalWhether the diagnostics should be shown modally. 1 – True, 0 – False
    • securityLevel0 – Administrator, 1 – Technician, 2 – Operator, 3 – Guest Minimum: 0 Maximum: 3 Default: 0
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