Agilent PlateHub

Agilent PlateHub
Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies
Model: PlateHub

A PlateHub is a rotating labware storage device in two models: landscape and portrait. Both consists of 12 racks that store ANSI-compliant standard microplates (with or without lids), deep-well microplates, tipboxes, or other labware. The standard microplate rack has 16 slots. The tall labware rack has 6 or 8 slots in the landsape and 7 slots in the portrait model. The carousel permits random access to all labware.

PlateHub Commands

  • About Box

    void aboutBox()Displays the PlateHub About Box.
  • Check Servo Status

    boolean checkServoStatus()Checks whether the servo motor is on.


    Current status of the servo motor. True: if the servo motor is on. False: if the servo motor is off.
  • Set Servo Status

    void setServoStatus(boolean status)Sets the servo motor to on or off.


    • statusTrue: to turn on the servo motor. False: to turn off the servo motor.
  • Get Current Position

    float getCurrentPosition()Retrieves the carousel current position in degrees.


    Current carousel position in degrees.
  • Get Speed

    int getSpeed()Retrieves the current carousel speed.


    Current carousel speed. 0 is slow, 1 is medium, 2 is fast.
  • Set Speed

    void setSpeed(int speed)Sets the current carousel speed.


    • speedCurrent carousel speed. 0 is slow, 1 is medium, 2 is fast. Minimum: 0 Maximum: 2
  • Rotate To Home

    void rotateToHome()Rotates the carousel to its home position.
  • Rotate To Cassette

    void rotateToCassette(int cassette)Rotates the carousel to the specified cassette.


    • cassetteSpecifies the cassette number to which carousel is rotated. Minimum: 1 Maximum: 12
  • Rotate To Degree

    void rotateToDegree(int degrees)Rotates the carousel by the specified degrees.


    • degreesSpecifies the degree of rotation. Positive value rotates the carousel clockwise. Negative value rotates the carousel counter clockwise. Minimum: 1 Maximum: 360 Default: 30
  • Get Last Error

    int getLastError()Retrieves the last error number.


    Last error number.
  • Abort

    void abort()Aborts the current task and clears the error.
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