Agilent Labware MiniHub

Agilent Labware MiniHub
Manufacturer: Agilent
Model: Labware MiniHub

The Agilent Labware MiniHub is a rotating random-access device for presentingand storing SBS-format labware in laboratory automation systems. An efficientmodular unit, the Labware MiniHub features user-configurable shelf spacing thateasily accommodates a mix of microplates, tube racks, deep-well microplates, andpipette tip boxes while maintaining a compact footprint.

MiniHub Carousel Commands

  • About Box

    void aboutBox()Displays the MiniHub About Box.
  • Abort

    void abort()Aborts the MiniHub process.
  • Get ActiveX Version

    string getActiveXVersion()Gets the ActiveX version of the MiniHub driver.


    ActiveX version.
  • Get Last Error

    string getLastError()Gets the last MiniHub error.


    Last MiniHub error.
  • Set Speed

    void setSpeed(int speed)Specifies the speed of the MiniHub.


    • speed0 – slow speed, 1 – medium speed, 2 – fast speed Minimum: 0 Maximum: 2 Default: 2
  • Get Speed

    int getSpeed()Gets the speed of the MiniHub.


    Speed of the MiniHub.
  • Get Cassette Count

    int getCassetteCount()Gets the cassette count of the MiniHub.


    Cassette count.
  • Get Current Cassette

    int getCurrentCassette()Gets the index of the current cassette.


    Cassette index.
  • Get Firmware Version

    string getFirmwareVersion()Retrieves the firmaware version of the MiniHub.


    Firmware version of the instrument.
  • Rotate To Cassette

    void rotateToCassette(int cassette)Rotates the MiniHub to the selected cassette.


    • cassette1 – first cassette, 2 – second cassette, 3 – third cassette, 4 – fourth cassette Minimum: 1 Maximum: 4 Default: 1
  • Retry

    void retry()Retries the BenchCel process.
  • Show Diags Dialog

    void showDiagsDialog(boolean modal, int securityLevel)Shows the graphical diagnostics menu that allows the user to troubleshoot and correct problems.


    • modalTrue if the diagnostics windows should be shown modally, false otherwise.
    • securityLevel0 – Administrator, 1 – Technician, 2 – Operator, 3 – Guest Minimum: 0 Maximum: 3 Default: 0
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