Agilent BenchCel

Agilent BenchCel
Manufacturer: Agilent
Model: BenchCel

Agilent BenchCel workstations provide the flexibility, scalability, and throughput of a full-size system in a compact, benchtop platform. BenchCel workstations can be adapted for both complex and simplistic application workflows, delivering more walk away time and greater throughput when compared to traditional manual methods.

BenchCel Stacker Commands

  • About Box

    void aboutBox()Displays the BenchCel About Box.
  • Abort

    void abort()Aborts the BenchCel process.
  • Set Speed

    void setSpeed(int motion)Specifies the speed of the BenchCel.


    • motion0 – slow motion, 1 – medium motion, 2 – fast motion Minimum: 0 Maximum: 2 Default: 1
  • Delid

    void delid(string delidFrom, string delidTo, int retractionCode)Removes the lid from a microplate on the specified stacker.


    • delidFromName of teachpoint where the microplate with the lid is located.
    • delidToName of teachpoint to place the lid after it has been removed from the microplate.
    • retractionCode0 – Do nothing, 1 – Retract normally Minimum: 0 Maximum: 1 Default: 1
  • Relid

    void relid(string relidFrom, string relidTo, int retractionCode)Lids a microplate on the specified stacker.


    • relidFromName of teachpoint where the microplate with the lid is located.
    • relidToName of teachpoint where microplate that is getting the lid is located.
    • retractionCode0 – Do nothing, 1 – Retract normally Minimum: 0 Maximum: 1 Default: 0
  • Get Firmware Version

    string getFirmwareVersion()Retrieves the firmaware version of the BenchCel.


    Firmware version of the instrument.
  • Get Last Error

    string getLastError()Returns the last known error condition.


    Last known error condition.
  • Get Stack Count

    int getStackCount()Retrieves the number of stacks.


    Number of stacks for the device.
  • Get Version

    string getVersion()Retrieves the version of the ActiveX.


    Version of the ActiveX.
  • Is Connected

    int isConnected()Checks whether the connection to BenchCel is established.


    0 – Disconnected, 1 – Connected
  • Is Plate Present

    boolean isPlatePresent(int stack)Tests whether a stack has a microplate and the plate is loaded.


    • stackStack to check. Minimum: 0 Maximum: 3


    Indicates whether the stack is loaded and has a microplate available for downstacking.
  • Load Stack

    void loadStack(int stack)Loads the specified stack.


    • stackStack to be loaded. Minimum: 0 Maximum: 3
  • Move To Home Postion

    void moveToHomePosition()Moves the device to the origin.
  • Open Clamp

    void openClamp(int stack)Opens the stacker gripper of a given stack.


    • stackStack’s gripper to open. Minimum: 0 Maximum: 3
  • Pause

    void pause()Disables the motors and pauses the motion.
  • Unpause

    void unpause()Re-enables the motors and resumes the motion.
  • Pick And Place

    void pickAndPlace(string pickFrom, string placeTo, boolean lidded, int rectractionCode)Transfers a microplate from source to destination.


    • pickFromSource to pick from.
    • placeToDestination to place to.
    • liddedSpecifies if if microplate is lidded.
    • rectractionCode0 – Do nothing, 1 – Retract normally Minimum: 0 Maximum: 1 Default: 1
  • Protocol Start

    void protocolStart()Called at the beginning of a run. Device not expected to move.
  • Protocol Finish

    void protocolFinish()Called at the end of a run.
  • Release Stack

    void releaseStack(int stack)Releases a stack.


    • stackStack to be released. Minimum: 0 Maximum: 3
  • Retry

    void retry()Retries the BenchCel process.
  • Set Labware

    void setLabware(string labware)Set the labware to use.


    • labwareLabware to be used for subsequent operations.
  • Show Diags Dialog

    void showDiagsDialog(int modal, int securityLevel)Shows the graphical diagnostics menu that allows the user to troubleshoot and correct problems.


    • modalWhether the diagnostics should be shown modally. 1 – True, 0 – False
    • securityLevel0 – Administrator, 1 – Technician, 2 – Operator, 3 – Guest Minimum: 0 Maximum: 3 Default: 0
  • Show Labware Editor

    void showLabwareEditor(int modal, string labware)Displays the labware editor graphical user interface.


    • modalWhether to show the editor modally or not. 1 – True, 0 – False Minimum: 0 Maximum: 1
    • labwareThe labware to be selected when the editor is displayed.
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