Any laboratory that has a throughput high enough to require automation has certain important choices to make. Selecting the smartest software option for your lab’s particular requirements is the single most critical decision you’ll make, on the path to getting the most efficiency and accuracy from your facility. Automation software can ensure your lab’s performance remains optimized for every new component.

Because science is continually evolving, laboratory automation systems must also evolve. Your process automation software should help guide your scientists and technicians through the user experience, as they set parameters and routines for the timing and scheduling of lab functions. This allows everyone to make better decisions in less time, with an ever increasing data flow. The system should be straightforward enough for lab technicians to run, yet customizable for programmers to introduce whatever modifications might be needed later.

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)

A well designed LIMS allows you to evaluate your data in a clear, uncluttered environment. The user should be able to create multiple screen experiments in a very short time. LIMS can track your experiments from imaging to dispensing, from data collection to scoring. Enhancing image details and zooming in while retaining high resolution within a region of interest is absolutely essential. And the automatic scoring of experiment results saves a lot of manual scoring time.

Scheduling Software

Scheduling process automation software can handle your most complex lab processes, including data capturing requirements. Genera, our automated scheduling software, allows integration with many different components, easily facilitating their addition or deletion from your automated platforms. It seamlessly integrates with your LIMS or other internal database software. It also allows you to select and integrate the industry’s current best equipment for your particular lab automation requirements.

RPA Software

Robotic process automation software allows the user to configure a robotically equipped facility to emulate and integrate the actions of human technicians. The user interface captures data and manipulates various applications. The apps then interpret the data and trigger responses from other systems, in order to perform accurate, repetitive tasks. Genera is designed for robotic control, interfacing with any hardware from any manufacturer. From lidding to dispensing to washing, robotic process automation becomes an efficient, streamlined, and customizable part of your lab routine. Unlike traditional IT solutions, RPA allows automation at a fraction of the cost and time. RPA uses your existing infrastructure without disrupting your current systems.

A properly chosen process automation software program leads to increased efficiency and convenience when programming important assay-specific protocols. Plate reading, lidding, barcoding, imaging, and all other aspects of lab function can be accomplished as rapidly as possible, with extremely high accuracy and reliability. And all related data management is handled with the same precision

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