A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) coupled with process automation solutions can greatly increase workflow and productivity. Manual tasks or procedures, such as pipetting, can be automated so no human intervention is required and errors are reduced.

Retisoft is one of the best integrator of automation equipment manufacturers that have years of experience. We provide high-quality automation solutions that are beneficial for laboratories that are using robotic liquid handlers, automated dispensers, or any other iterative procedures.

Making Automation Simple

Automating workflow in the lab is no longer a complicated process. Modern automation solutions can be accomplished using a simple graphical interface. It’s important, however, that all parties agree to a specific automation system before it is implemented to ensure maximum workflow efficiency.

System Integration and Application Programming Interfaces

Many LIMS have the ability for instrument integration through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that extend the capabilities of the system to provide automation solutions. A number of lab applications and instrument systems can benefit from process automation solutions, including workflow scheduling, quality checks, error monitoring , automated decision making, inventory management and data movement and reporting. These additional systems can be easily integrated and automated via the LIMS.

Automated Calculations

Performing complex calculations manually is not time-efficient for scientists in the lab. There is also the risk of error, which can be detrimental in a scientific setting. Instead, automating all calculations through a LIMS system, and any additional integrated programs or APIs, can simplify the calculation process. This reduces the risk of introducing errors and allows scientists to spend time elsewhere in the lab.

Automated Testing

There are testing limits within any of the available process automation solutions. Associated limits are usually denoted as Pass, Fail, and Warn testing limits. This automation removes the need to manually analyze the testing limits and allows for statistical analyses to be done.

Automated Reviewing

Most labs are required to review acquired data and results before they are approved and released. Once a data set, whether from test results, sample information, or batch information, has been labeled as Fail or Warn in the testing limits, it can get manually reviewed by the lab team. Using a LIMS can enhance the efficiency of the reviewing and approving process. It removes the need to use additional systems to access raw data or test results, as everything would be found in the LIMS.

Automated Reporting

The generation and analysis of reports can also be automated to enhance workflow. By removing the need to manually generate reports, scientists can undertake other high-priority tasks within the lab.

Automated Training

Automation equipment manufacturers provide solutions to training. Automating training schedules and records will remove inefficiencies within the lab and allow for more extensive training to be performed.

Automated Instrument Maintenance

Calibrating and maintaining instruments within the lab take up large amounts of time. By using automation solutions, your equipment can be more easily updated and monitored to ensure it is safe and ready to use at all times. This will further drive workflow.

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