Biotechnology is constantly evolving due to the automated sequencing of genes. For small-scale labs, manual processing  and sample prep might seem the best solution. However, for laboratories working on large-scale projects, process automation solutions are the way to go. By automating sequencing lab processes, scientists can achieve higher accuracy and ensure optimal performance, especially in addressing high volume or complicated tasks.

Some of the benefits of implementing automation are as follows-

1. Automate Tracking

Human errors influence most of the laboratory test results in the pre-analytical phases. This is usually because of improper collecting, handling, and preparing of specimens. In large-scale clinical laboratories, errors can further multiply because of the large number of samples. However, with the use of automated laboratory equipment, technicians and scientists can monitor, as well as standardize, the pre-analytical variables at the start. Moreover, with simple tracking mechanisms, technicians can prevent sample mix-ups and adequately manage the specimens’ handling.

2.  Integrate Essential Software in the Lab Operations

Clinical NGS labs can use various software solutions to improve their operations. For instance, electronic medical record systems (EMR) or electronic health record systems (EHR) can improve data collection and handling. Similarly, laboratory information systems (LIS) and order management software can reduce the redundancy in the lab’s operations and improve proficiency. Moreover, integrating these systems helps reduce duplications and errors when documenting, transferring, and storing the data manually.

3. Improve NGS Library Preparation

NGS depends upon the quality of the RNA or DNA library directly. Therefore, it is imperative to curate efficient protocols to establish nucleic acid libraries in an accurate and reliable manner. Manual library preparations can be very hectic and may even result in lower reproducibility. However, automated NGS library preparations can make the results more efficient, accurate, and reliable.

4. Efficient Liquid Handlers

Process automation solutions can be very effective in dealing with liquid handlers. Automated liquid handlers, with the help of laboratory automation products, can prevent potential errors and failures in the experiment. An automatic liquid handler with barcode scanning  and the right automation software has the capability to ensure  that all the plates are ready and placed in the right positions. It also supports post-step error reporting as per automation equipment manufacturers. For instance, if the liquid was not transferred properly, the software solution can tell what part of the procedure needs to be reviewed.


Automation has revolutionized all kinds of industries today, including biotechnology. With automated solutions, sequencing can also become one of the most effective and efficient laboratory processes.

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