Whether process automation is part of your job description or not, there are ways you can benefit from it. Learn how process automation solutions can improve your lab.

Robotic process automation software companies are focusing on process automation solutions because they are the next big thing. Here are the benefits of process automation solutions that help to enhance your lab works:

Instruments Integrated With the LIMS & the LIS

The instruments integrated with the LIMS and the LIS are a perfect example of an integration that both enhance process automation and is process automation. This integration allows data generated from performing laboratory experiments to be automatically documented in the lab information system. At the same time, every process executed by every instrument is also documented in real-time. Such detailed documentation helps ensure compliance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which enables process automation software to take over once all aspects of quality control have been triple verified.

Instruments integrated with the LIMS and the LIS will allow for process automation. Data generated in the lab can be automatically and securely documented into the process automation software, while process execution is simultaneously and securely documented into LIMS and LIS.

Integrated Software

Integrated software solutions will streamline process steps and reduce process variations, thus improving process yield and quality. With integrated software in place, process steps become easier to process and become more reliable.

Automated Liquid Handlers

Automated liquid handlers are process automation solutions designed to make manual processes more efficient. These process automation solutions improve accuracy and eliminate human error, thus increasing lab productivity while reducing costs. Your automated liquid handler should be integrated with your other process automation systems — including data management software for laboratory information management systems (LIMS) — to enhance process flow and generate increased process.

Custom Applications to Automate Lab Processes

Custom applications to automate lab processes, such as applications that help process APIs, oligos, and other small molecules, can save time and money in process development. With custom applications for process automation, you’ll avoid the cost of buying a pre-made solution from process automation software companies like Retisoft.

Custom LIMS Workflows

Your lab process may require custom workflows. For example, you might process massive amounts of raw data to extract meaningful information about drug development. By using process automation software, your LIMS workflow can be customized to process any amount of data across multiple formats and deliver results quickly so you can improve efficiency.

LIMS companies have the deep expertise needed to design powerful process automation workflows that are flexible enough to accommodate your unique requirements.

Dynamic Automation Scheduling Software

Lastly, dynamic automation scheduling software can process data faster and more accurately than a human, drastically cutting down on errors in processing and shipping samples.

Learn about lab automation solutions by Retisoft here.

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