A workforce supported by collaborative robots (cobots) sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, but they’re a reality many companies can embrace today. Cobots are made to be cost-efficient and easy to program, even for small-batch productions, making them smart and agile accessories for companies of all sizes.

Some cobots, like a flexible robotic arm, can be programmed by employees on the line for simple tasks. Cobots are safe around humans, and they don’t need a lot of space or containment. However, if there is no containment, an expert should do a risk assessment to confirm that the Cobot’s placement aligns with local safety guidelines. For more complex lab automation robots, certified system integrators and authorized training centers, can guide your team through installation and validation.

If you are considering collaborative lab automation equipment, here are some things to consider.

1. Improve Staff Morale?

If an employee is constantly frowning or yawning on the job, it’s a good sign you’re ignoring their potential to add value to your company. Retisoft’s cobots can be integrated into numerous types of lab instruments and plate storage. The cobot can place labware in either a landscape or portrait instrument nest. It can perform these tasks repeatedly without ever taking a break. This helps reduce the mundane tasks your employees suffer from and allows their focus to be redirected to something more personally fulfilling.

Retisoft’s lab automation equipment can help stabilize “takt time” — a term used to describe the time needed for a specific process — and significantly reduce the time-per-task.

2. Free Up Staff To Do More Complex Tasks?

An efficient, flexible robotic arm can be programmed to perform mundane, repeated tasks that waste a human’s time. These tasks can include moving plates from storage to lab devices, dispensing reagents, transferring fluids, centrifuging sealing or unsealing plates or putting assay plates in detection devices such as spectrophotometers. Why, then, do we waste people’s time and talent having them do these easy tasks? It’s better to assign them to work that may be more complex and with more purpose.

Retisoft’s team of engineers can help you decide which cobot is right for your process and with the goal of reducing your labor costs.

3. Improve Productivity

Retisoft works with laboratories, small businesses, startups, and inventors by offering affordable collaborative robotics solutions. Our cobots will help you increase productivity. If you have any questions about how our products can benefit your laboratory, please contact us today!

4. Consistently Perform Complex Task & Reduce Errors

Lab automation can be programmed to perform complex tasks that are prone to human error. Processes such as smart pipetting, hit-picking or re-arraying are difficult to do manually. With a complete lineup of laboratory products and lab automation equipment, Retisoft can help you improve your process and reduce typical human errors. Even better, our systems are easy to install, maintain, upgrade, and expand.

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